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Residential Building Permit Requirements

  • The Following Items DO Require A UCC Building Permit
  • New Dwellings/Homes
  • Any addition to or demolition of a dwelling
  • Any structure less than 10' away from another structure
  • Any structure more than 10' away from another structure that is 1000 square feet or more. (Such as garages, sheds, and pole barns etc.)
  • New or used single wide & double wide homes.
  • Fences over 6' high.
  • Retaining Walls over 4' high.
  • Decks 30" or more above grade
  • Any Porch (deck or patio with roof)
  • Swimming pools of any type that hold more than 24" of water.
  • Alterations that make structural changes or change the means of egress *AS PER ACT 92 of 2004* (means of egress is rearranging space)
  • New Door Opening
  • Change window location or size
  • Add wall
  • Child day-care facilities providing services for more than 4 children.
  • Change of Use. (Such as add apartment or open office to employees or public etc.)
  • Commercial Building Permit Requirements
    The Follow Items DO NOT Require a UCC Building Permit
    * Churches ARE Commercial Buildings *

    *This is not a complete list if you are still unsure please call us at 570-827-3474 someone is always in the office to answer questions Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM


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